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Car Credit and Automotive Financing in Montreal

Crédit Auto de Montréal is the leader in the Montreal region since 20 years when it comes to automotive financing, especially 2nd chance credit. You can trust in our team, whose top priority is to help you get behind the wheel of your next pre-owned vehicle quickly and without fuss. Fill out our credit application form online, and get pre-approved for car credit in less than 20 minutes!

Crédit Auto de Montréal offers you:

  • A personalized approach, and complete confidentiality in the treatment of your personal information
  • A vast network of contacts on the North Shore, in Montreal and on the South Shore to ensure credit approval
  • Simple credit request process and quick approval
  • Professional and experienced team
  • Key-in-hand service for credit restoration, and useful advice

We are specialists in several domains:

Many situations could prevent you from obtaining car credit and purchasing a vehicle elsewhere: you may have declared bankruptcy, your credit rating is low or non-existent, you have bad credit, you are unemployed or self-employed, etc. Thanks to Crédit Auto de Montréal, you can obtain a car loan and choose for yourself the used vehicle which interests you.

Our team of automotive financing advisers has already helped hundreds of motorists between Longueuil and Laval acquire the vehicle they want. Let us help you give your credit a second life: fill out our credit request form online today!